PAC-10 Champions- Again


For a couple weeks I have been openly saying that USC has been playing the best ball in the PAC-10 and while they didn’t look horrible against Arizona, they are faced with their own distractions. As, their coach and coach’s wife are under investigation for fighting with Arizona boosters in LA over the weekend. As we have learned this season, with distractions come distracted play on the court.

It seemed like as soon as the Venoy Overton situation was in rear-view mirror for the Huskies, the Dawgs began to play amazing basketball, the best basketball in the PAC-10. It showed with their victory over Arizona, the regular season champions. They were even without a backup point guard for the entire PAC-10 tournament and yet if anything that only fueled their success to become PAC-10 champions.

Isaiah Thomas and the UW Huskies just finished their second amazing PAC-10 championship weekend in two years. Both times overcoming a deficit in the first round and going on to win the whole thing.

Isaiah Thomas played about 123 minutes of the 125 that were possible, and never even looked winded during the weekend. In fact, he capped off his amazing weekend with the buzzer beater against Arizona in overtime. He broke the assists record in the PAC-10 tournament with 30 assists. He also had 59 points to go with those assists on the weekend.

Isaiah Thomas was amazing but we all knew he had it in him, the really amazing surprise impact player of the weekend was Terrence Ross who started in all three games at the PAC-10 tournament. Ross showed some raw and freakish ability in the offensive game and his defensive game took a huge step forward over the weekend. He had 46 points on the weekend and was even able to make the highlights on Sports Center- two different times; once was when he did a behind the back split of defenders that led to a dunk, the other was also a behind the back dribble by one defender. He is really showing that he may have the most raw talent on our team. If he can harness this talent and improve his defense he could easily become our best or second best player behind Isaiah Thomas.

Selection Sunday is this afternoon and many pundits are saying that UW should be looking at a 7 seed. Which, often contributes to the most upsets in a bracket but also places UW farther away from the 1 seed in their corner of the bracket. Look for UW to be anywhere from a 6 to a 9 seed depending on how many members of the selection committee stayed up to watch the PAC-10 tournament.

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