Dawgs Have Peking Duck in LA


by John Chase

Final Score: UW-69 UO-51

UW started slow per usual, but played solid enough defense to keep Oregon at bay. UW went into half time with a 9 point lead and came out of half with a 3 pointer from C.J. Wilcox to take a 12 point lead. Oregon battled back slowly, going on a 10-0 run to bring it within 4. Washington rediscovered its offense through Terrence Ross who finished with some sick plays on the night including a top 10 worthy dunk. He went behind the back with one hand and then slammed it home.

The Dawgs rebounded well tonight, beating UO 39-31 led by Darnell Gant with 10 rebounds. Matthew Bryan-Amaning with 7 boards came in second.

Isaiah Thomas finished with his second straight double double, 10 points 12 assists. He shot terribly, going 2-11 on the night 5-8 from the free throw line. Not good numbers. I.T. settled all too often for the 3 pointer.

Speaking of struggling scorers, MBA reverted back to his poor shooting, going 2-9 and missing several bunnies once more. He did hit both his free throws.

C.J. Wilcox led all UW scorers with 14 on 4-9 shooting, 3-7 from range and a perfect 3-3 from the charity stripe. Not quite as good as yesterday, but his stroke was a big reason why we got the lead and kept it.

UW had some trouble in the second half handling the ball as Oregon extended their defense and caused trouble for I.T. and Scott Suggs who was forced to bring the ball up a time or two when I.T. hit the bench. I.T. played 38 minutes on the night so Suggs didn’t have to do too much, thank goodness. Suggs, I love you as a wing and shooting guard, but you scare me at the point. Justin Holiday and I.T. both had 4 turnovers, the difference being Holiday had 1 assist to Thomas’ 12.

Aziz N’Diaye came off the bench once more and picked up 5 rebounds in 13 minutes. He wasn’t effective on offense, but didn’t pick up many fouls. I expect his lack of play time was due to the effectiveness of Darnell Gant in the post as he played 21 minutes tonight and nearly had a double double with 8 points on top of his boards.

Brendan Sherrer and Antoine Hosley both played in the final minute, but neither was given the chance to do anything. Both are still undefeated in their playing careers.

What Needed Improvement

Free Throws (I.T.)

Basically this one falls on Isaiah tonight only. Out of the 4 misses, I.T. had 3. Gota step it back up.

Fast Start

We need to learn to come out shooting strong as opposed to the misses we have been throwing up the past week or two. I.T. needs to lead the way with strong drives to the hoop and a dish if it isn’t there.

What was Good

The Three Headed Monster

Ross, Wilcox, and Suggs all performed well tonight and combined for 37 points. They also hit 6 of our 7 three pointers and Ross’ dunk was just the icing on the cake.

Team Play

17 assists on 24 makes is a great number. UW did a fairly good job of not forcing shots for most the game and did so by working the ball around to open man. Too bad the Huskies struggled to find success in the middle from anyone other than Gant.


Overall the team defense was pretty good. UW picked up 5 steals and 4 blocks to top off 11 turnovers. It wasn’t their greatest defensive performance, but holding the Ducks to 32% shooting form the field and 16% from range is pretty awesome.

Final Thoughts

This was a good way to go into the championship game. A strong 18 point win to top off a dramatic finish against WSU. Two different games allow us to prepare for whatever could come tomorrow in the championship game against Arizona. I expect Aziz to make a return to the starting 5 against Arizona as they have a taller line up, but don’t be too surprised if we keep the small 5 to attempt to score some quick baskets. No player reviews tonight, sorry. I’m off to the bars to have a Duck Fart.