Future Husky: Matthew Lyons Profile


Height– 6’2
Weight– 185
Position– Outside Linebacker

HS Stats

– His senior year he totaled 117 tackles with 66 solo tackles. He averaged 10.6 tackles a game. He had 4 interceptions, 1 sack, and 2 fumble recoveries.

Style of Play– Physical but agile.

Strengths– He has great football knowledge and awareness. He has the ability to change directions, with fluid hips. His pursuit to the ball is above average and has the speed/agility to be a safety/outside linebacker hybrid. His biggest strength is his physical play and ability to get to the ball-carrier with direct angles.

Weaknesses– His weight is below average to be able to play at the college level right now. He may need a red-shirt year to be able to put on some weight and build up his strength. He has all the potential to be a stud line-backer but needs to get up to ideal weight and size.

Potential– He is rated as a 3 star prospect and given a year or two could find himself in a staring role on the UW defense.

Projected Usage- He will probably either be a red-shirt his freshman year or used as a tackler in special teams. He has had experience in pursuing punt/kick returners and may, if the coaches don’t use a red-shirt on him be used in that aspect as a freshman.