Venoy Overton Suspended for PAC-10 Tournament


Venoy Overton has been suspended for the whole weekend and will not be able to play basketball as a UW Husky unless the Huskies make the NCAA tournament.

Initial Thoughts and Questions:

  • This issue has been hanging over UW the whole season and about the same time that the Huskies began to struggle. This seems to be one of the factors in the dimise of this year’s season. Now that the issue is public and the suspension has taken place, does UW now begin to make a turn around? Is the distraction behind them?
  • With Venoy Overton out, there are only two active point guards on the roster, Isaiah Thomas and Antoine Hosley. Hosley is a true freshman and has only played in 13 games this season. Does Hosley get more playing time or does another guard learn the position?
  • Justin Holiday also has a concussion and will be a game time decision. Lorenzo Romar thinks he will play and I would bet the same.
  • Romar has said that he will not burn Desmond Simmons redshirt even with all that has happened. This is a smart move because if this is truly Romar’s toughest season, it is best to look at it in the rearview mirror and not have someone like Desmond Simmons hanging over him the rest of Simmmons’ career as a Husky.
  • Freshman are going to need to step up big in this game. With Venoy out, that means CJ Wilcox and Antoine Hosley will need to fill in that role. Holiday will either play less or not at all, and that means Terrence Ross is going to need to fill-in a lot.

These are just some initial thoughts, mainly what we need to see is if Venoy was the distraction on the team, and his problems were that elephant in the room or better yet, on the court because if that is the case, the suspension may be able to boost the team more than hinder them. WSU is on Thursday and a lot can happen in that game, Husky Haul will keep you posted on any other developments.

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