Future Husky: Jamaal Jones Profile


Height– 6’2
Weight– 180
Position– Wide Receiver

HS Stats

– Missed his senior season due to injury. His junior season he had 13 carries for 194 yards. He had 33 receptions and 499 yards with 9 touchdowns.

Style of Play– He is a proficient pass catcher that has a tall, lanky body. He uses his size and strength to be able to out match cornerbacks.

Strengths– He has the ability to come down with jump balls. He is versatile in that he can play inside or out, he has even had experience on returning kicks. He is known for his strong hands, and the ability to make a catch even when guarded or when a ball is poorly thrown.

Weaknesses– He needs to grow into his body a little more, as his frame is more lanky than strong. He needs to improve his route running and overall speed on the field.

Potential– He is rated as a 3 star prospect and given the time to nurture in this offense could make waves in his second year as a sophomore.

Projected Usage- He will probably either be a red-shirt his freshman year or used as a playmaker in special teams and in special packages. He needs a year or two to really develop as an athlete and into this offense but when he does he has the ability to be special.