Nate Williams Looks Good at Combine


Nate Williams, a potential late round draft pick was able to make a splash in the NFL Combine with his physical abilities. He wasn’t amazing but he was out performing a lot of the guys that should be drafted ahead of him. The fact that he made it in the top 10 out of safeties in many of the different categories shows that he has the legitimate ability to be a steal for a team late in the draft. ESPN has him rated as the 30th safety overall, so to climb himself up into the top 10 in almost every category, says a lot for his physical tools.

Here are his results compared to the top performer of each drill:

40 Yard DashPlayer
4.53Jeron Johnson
4.71Nate Williams
Bench PressPlayer
21Jeron Johnson
17Nate Williams
Vertical JumpPlayer
35.5Ahmad Black
30.5Nate Williams
Broad JumpPlayer
10’4″Robert Sands
9’6″Nate Williams
3 Cone DrillPlayer
6.85Ahmad Black
6.98Nate Williams
20 Yard ShuttlePlayer
3.96Rahim Moore
4.15Nate Williams
60 Yard ShuttlePlayer
11.20Robert Sands
11.43Nate Williams

Does this help his draft stock? It sure does, look for him to go from a late round pick with the potential of being an undrafted free agent to a 5th-6th round pick.

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