Mason Foster Fails to Impress at the NFL Combine


Mason Foster did not do bad at the NFL combine, he was just not very impressive. He found himself in the middle of the pack in almost all of the drills he competed in today.

Did he hurt his draft status? He didn’t really help it with his showing at the combine, he was already a day 2 pick looking to try to find himself in the second round. He may just be a third round pick now, with the possibility of being a fourth round pick.

The film doesn’t lie on Mason Foster, he is a hard worker, he does make a lot of tackles, he is faster at football speed. However, some coaches will lose interest due to his combine numbers. That being said, look for him to be anywhere from a second round to a fourth round pick.

Here are his combine stats compared to the top performer at each:

40 Yard DashPlayer
4.49Martez Wilson
4.75Mason Foster
Bench PressPlayer
32Ross Homan
22Mason Foster
Vertical JumpPlayer
38.0Scott Lutrus
31.0Mason Foster
Broad JumpPlayer
10’6″Von Miller
9’2″Mason Foster
3 Cone DrillPlayer
6.70Von Miller
7.14Mason Foster
20 Yard ShuttlePlayer
4.00Nick Bellore
4.45Mason Foster
60 Yard ShuttlePlayer
11.15Von Miller
12.26Mason Foster

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