Jake Locker Impresses at the NFL Combine


Is anyone really surprised that Jake Locker is impressing scouts and is one of the top performers in all the categories he competes in for the QB positon? Husky fans have known for years that Locker is a freak of an athlete, that he is fast, he is agile, he is built, and he has all the physical tools to be amazing at almost any position on the football field.

Here is a breakdown of how Locker did compared to other QBs at the Combine: (for reference Tyrod Taylor most likely won’t be drafted as QB, neither will Josh Portis)

40 Yard DashPlayer
4.51Tyrod Taylor
4.53Colin Kaepernick
4.59Jake Locker
4.59Cam Newton
Vertical JumpPlayer
40.0Josh Portis
37.5Tyrod Taylor
35.0Jake Locker
35.0Cam Newton
Broad JumpPlayer
10’6″Cam Newton
10’6″Josh Portis
10’6″Tyrod Tayler
10’0″Jake Locker
10’0″Blaine Gabbert
3 Cone DrillPlayer
6.77Jake Locker
6.78Tyrod Taylor
6.84Ryan Colburn
6.84Blaine Gabbert
20 Yard ShuttlePlayer
4.09Christian Ponder
4.09Tyrod Taylor
4.12Jake Locker
4.12Josh Portis

Jake Locker even looked good in the throwing drills at the combine, his accuracy was there and his draft stock may be back on the rise.

NFL Network analyst Charles Davis said:

"I thought he threw very well today, and it was the Locker we were all kind of waiting to see. He looked confident, he looked in control, and he was very accurate throwing the ball, and that had been the big knock against him. He did that today with unfamiliar receivers. I thought it was a very good day for Locker."

Is Locker back in the first round? Or do many think he is still overrated?

It only takes one team to take a flyer on a freak of an athlete like Locker. Look for him to disappear in the first round.