Was Jake Locker a Disappointment?


DISCLAIMER: This poll reflects in no way your feeling of Jake Locker as a person or as a Husky but merely to gauge Husky nation whether Jake Locker was a success or a disappointment based on the expectations set before him.

The NFL Combine is coming up this week and Jake Locker is going to be drafted in the NFL draft, and the combine will help decide how high or how low he is drafted.

Now that his tour with the Huskies is over, after 5 years, would you say that he was a disappointment? To clarify, Jake Locker is a freak of an athlete, he is an awesome person, and he will play in the NFL. No one is arguing those points but based on his expectations coming into the program was he a success?

The expectations for Locker were so high, many deemed him, ‘the Savior of UW’ or the ‘Montlake Messiah’. He was expected by many to single-handedly bring UW back to the Rose Bowl and/or the National Championship. He was expected by some to win a Heisman or two, and even if he didn’t do all that, many expected him to at least bring the Huskies back to prominence.

The question is NOT do you like Jake Locker, it is NOT do you think he is a good football player, or even do you think he will succeed in the NFL. The question is: DO YOU THINK JAKE LOCKER IS A DISAPPOINTMENT based on the expectations you had for him coming into the program? Maybe, you weren’t one of the many that expected such ridiculous things for one man to do. Maybe you expected him to just be a freak of an athlete and be part of the rebuilding project at UW. If that is you, then you should honestly answer that “NO” you don’t think he was, but for many maybe he was a disappointment.

If you are ready to vote, scroll down to the bottom and vote. We are looking to find the heartbeat of how Husky nation feels about Locker according to his expectations.

Here are some facts and stats if you are needing those to decide off of:

SeasonGames Passing Yards Passing TDs Completion Pct. QB Rating INT Rushing Yards Rushing TDs
200712 2062 14 47.3 105.011598613
20084 512 1 53.8 103.5501803
200912 2800 21 58.2 129.75113887
201012 2265 17 55.4 124.2093856

His overall record as a starter is: 15-25.

You decide: