UW Recruiting Shawn Kemp Jr.?


Let me clarify that this is rumored, but it looks as if UW may be either recruiting Shawn Kemp Jr. or Kemp is interested in UW or maybe even both.

As the son of a seattle legend, Kemp knows about pressure but he also knows about basketball. He looks to possess a similar skill set as his father.

However, he hasn’t been able to get into a Div. 1 institution. In 2009 he committed to Alabama, but was unable to meet academic requirements. Once again, before this season, he tried to get into Auburn University but also failed meeting the requirements.

Now, it looks like he is trying again to make it into a University and this time it could possibly be the University of Washington. He has been rumored to be at UW watching games, unofficially, and he has been linked to being recruited by a number or programs with UW being one of them.

He was rated as one of the top forwards/centers in the recruiting class the previous two years. He is 6’9 and 215 pounds and has the ability to be an elite player at the Div. 1 level, if he can get and keep his grades up.

Is it true? We will find out soon enough but for now you can just dwell on the idea of having the son of this guy:

(courtesy of the NBA on youtube)