Arizona – Quick Post Game Notes


by Craig Yamada

Wow. What a game. I am just as angry as the rest of you. The referees truly blew atleast four calls that could have swung the game in our favor:

  1. Offensive Goal tend that was not called on Arizona while the ball was in the cylinder
  2. Blatant Double Dribble on Derrick Williams down the stretch
  3. And 1 that was not called when MBA jammed on D-Will
  4. Goal tend at the end? The ball was on it’s way down from my vantage point

Simply put, the Huskies played a great game tonight. I couldn’t be any prouder of their effort tonight despite the loss. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial. Other than the second chance buckets we surrendered, you have to salute their play today. They didn’t lose their heads or their composure, even when the game got out of hand in the first half. They went into a hostile crowd and got robbed by the zebras.

MBA played the game of his life tonight. He was out of his mind in the second half. Despite his traveling call at the end of the game, we would not have even been in this game if it weren’t for his efforts.

IT played another great game and played like  the PG we know he is. He ran that offense like a general and kept UW in the game by setting up his teammates all game.

Wilcox had another great shooting effort for the second straight game. CJ is on fire and Romar should seriously be looking at plugging him into the starting line up.

Derrick Williams was a beast tonight. He had himself a career day on national television. But does he have to get all the calls?

UW is still seeking their go to guy in the closing moments of games. UW will need to soon learn how close out the nail biters away from home. As  much as we want to blame the refs for this game, the 2 costly turnovers in the closing minutes gave this game away.

But the play UW showed today impressed me and showed me they are gearing up for the NCAA. Here’s hoping for a four game win streak to close out the season and face Zona again in the Pac-1o tourney. UW will be ready. I am not worried.

More to come soon.