Who is Kevin Davis?


Most of you haven’t heard of a young man named Kevin Davis, that UW may once again be interested in at forward for the basketball team. News is coming out that Davis, who is currently enrolled at Tacoma Community College, may be a recruit that UW is looking into, again.

The news is that Washington has already offered him a scholarship and Davis has verbally committed. But there may be issues:

Kevin Davis had a shot at becoming a Dawg a year ago, coming out of Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way, WA. The Huskies were scouting him, and giving him a look, but their scholarships filled up and there were enough red flags for the Huskies to not pursue Davis, who was averaging a double-double in High School.

Green Flags:

  • Davis is a 6’9, 221 pounds and 20 years old.
  • He plays forward exceptionally well especially on the defensive end but is no stranger to scoring.
  • He is built to rebound, defend, run, and really get after the rim.
  • He is and can be an exceptional basketball player even when he takes his game to the next level.

Red Flags:

  • It took him 5 years to finish high school due to some complications off the court. (i.e. girlfriend’s pregnancy)
  • He basically, needs to finish two years worth of academics in this one year, to qualify for UW. As of now he is on track.
  • His production has gone down at TCC from where he was projected coming out of High School. He is averaging 8.8 points a game and 7.3 rebounds in 20 minutes of play.
  • He is coming off the bench for TCC, though the coach says not because of his ability but because of foul troubles.

This could be exactly the sleeper that UW needs to pick up for their next season. He would provide plenty of depth at forward. He has college experience, and has potential that is sky-high. His style of play fits UW, and it looks to be a smart and safe pick-up for the Huskies.