Update @ 9:25 pm: Angelo Chol has reportedly cut Washingto..."/> Update @ 9:25 pm: Angelo Chol has reportedly cut Washingto..."/>

The CHOLsen One


by Craig Yamada

Update @ 9:25 pm: Angelo Chol has reportedly cut Washington and Alabama from his list of five.

Chol’s twitter: “Man it was a tough choice Washington and Alabama were both great schools.”

At 12:45 pm PST on Thursday, 2/17 the world will learn where Angelo Chol will be playing his collegiate basketball in 2011. He will be having a public announcement at Hoover High School in San Diego which can be seen at Kbcsports.com.

Yes, that’s right folks. Another high school gymnasium online broadcast which is sure to draw the fans and all the drama that comes with it. For those of you who still haven’t shaken your fatal illness of the Jones, I would just close your eyes and wake up when this thing is over.

Chol will be sitting down with Coach Ollie Ghoulston following tonight’s league championship game to discuss his choices. Word on the street is that he may even eliminate two choices tonight. As it stands now, the schools in the running for Chol’s services are (in no particular order): Arizona, Alabama, Kansas, North Carolina and Washington.

No one really has gotten a definite beat as to where he is headed. However, those following this story closely in Seattle are feeling good about their chances after Chol’s official visit.

This sets up to possibly be yet another a huge day for the University of Washington and Lorenzo Romar. Romar has had the longest standing relationship with Chol since his recruitment began and according to a recent article released by PointguardU (Arizona recruting website), Romar may be the closest to him as well.

And for those of you following Twitter this weekend, Tony Wroten tweeted the following:

“Talkin to angelo chol right now and he said. He really don’t care bout the state or school. He just cares bout the coach. Welp coach ro is the best for u. “

I know what you are all thinking. Why Craig, oh why are you hyping us up for a potential let down? Call me a glutton for punishment, but I am feeling positive about what I have read on the NET the last couple of days. Am I certain? Absolutley not. But Wroten and Stewart have definitely provided us hope that we have a legit shot.

Tony Wroten went on KJR today and stated: “After this weekend I’m pretty confident he will be at the University of Washington.” Wroten noted “how comfortable [Angelo] was with them.” He went on to say how much Angelo loved the atmosphere and noted how well he got along with UW center, Aziz N’Diaye. And finally Wroten concluded with: “If I had to guess, I’d say hes about 90% UW“. Hikeem Stewart backed up the claims over Twitter as he stated that he’s 98% sure Chol will be a Dawg next year.

If anything, you have go to tip your hat to Stewart and Wroten for showing Angelo a good time this weekend. From what was going around, it sounded like they barely slept on Saturday night and were establishing a tight bond. All in all, Chol enjoyed his stay and the time he spent with Romar or “Coach Ro” per his Twitter updates. Couldn’t hurt right?

But I would be biased to think that Chol didn’t have the same experiences and fondness of all the other schools he’s visited thus far. Only time will tell, but for those who want to keep your sanity, just let Thursday’s announcement be the deciding factor. And even after that, we all should know by now that we can’t get truly excited until ink touches paper.

From everything I have heard, it looks to be a two horse race between UW and Arizona, but you never really know when it comes to things like this. But if karma strikes twice and we lose another prized recruit to another Wildcat team, I will lose it.

I saw this over Twitter. Lord have mercy on the Pac-12 if we can rock this sign next year:

Sit tight folks, we could be in for a Doozy.