Angelo Chol Eliminates Washington


Angelo Chol himself has verified the earlier report by that his schools of interest are now down to three; Kansas, North Carolina, and Arizona. Thus, eliminating Washington and Alabama.

Since the beginning it seemed like Alabama was the odd school out. There isn’t much basketball history, nor is there much of a streak of current success. The Crimson Tide have no ranking, and is known as a football school not a basketball school.

The opposite is true of Kansas and North Carolina, who seemed to be the favorites from the start. They both have long histories of winning, are currently ranked in the top 25, and both are known as primarily basketball schools.

Arizona and Washington were seemingly the wildcard schools, both have some history and some recent success. Neither are known as a basketball school, while UW has been of late, but its football history is far longer and deeper. Both school could be qualified as a football school or a basketball school with plenty of justification for either title. As of right now, Arizona is currently ranked and thus may have been a slight advantage in recruiting.

Chol eliminated the only two schools left that as of today aren’t nationally ranked, though both are receiving votes to be in the rankings.

With all of that being said, indications look like Kansas is the favorite followed by North Carolina and then Arizona. Thursday at 3:45pm is when he is set to make his announcement and now after he has eliminated Washington and Alabama, many would be shocked if he didn’t don the Kansas Jayhawk hat.