Future Husky: Corey Waller Profile


Height– 6’1
Weight– 205
Position– Outside Linebacker

HS Stats

– His high school stats are deceiving because he was used a lot on the defensive line. Yet in spring ball was playing OLB where he showed a lot of potential. His senior season he had 17 tackles and 4 sacks.

Style of Play

– He is aggressive and has a great pursuit to the ball. His speed won’t show up on a clock but watching him play you would think he was one of the fastest guys out there. He is really quick, and his closing speed is tremendous.


– Aggressiveness, quickness off the snap, pursuit of the ball, play recognition, and closing speed.


– In high school he played a lot of DE and DT, so his pass coverage needs work.


– He is rated as a 3 star but his potential is far greater but his ability to pick up the OLB position in a short amount time is going to be crucial.

Projected Usage-

He should see playing time fairly quick in special teams, and depending on how he does in the spring, they may decide to use him on blitzing plays or sparingly at OLB. He needs a year or two to develop.

If you want to see some highlights of his campaign in high school check this out:

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