Go Ahead and Vent



Overrated? Probably. I almost joined the OSU fans with their chants at the end of the game. Something tells me that this team can’t handle being a ranked team. Is it over for the Dawgs? It feels like it. But that is just anger talking. Pac-10 ship? UW is doing everything to hand it over to Zona on a platter right now. Heck, let’s give UCLA a shot at it while we’re at it. I love challenges.

Before you guys start saying those three nasty letters: “NIT”, lets get some sleep. UW will bounce back. You know it. I know it. Step back from the ledge my friends.

Early thoughts:

  • IT – our guys are wearing purple. Is it time to press the panic button now? I have one. I got it from STAPLES.
  • Something is wrong with Holiday, he is playing terribly
  • Scott Suggs – You were the only one who showed up today.
  • MBA – Did you just gun your Delorean to 88 and go back to Sophomore year?
  • Gaddy – Just suit up. You can at least do the Lisa and Screech “limp” and still run the offense better than your big bro right now.
  • Wroten/Stewart – Bring LOE to UW already.

More to come later.