Cardinal down Dawgs 56-58


by: Griffin Bennett

It was an infuriating night for the Huskies as they lost a tough one on the road against Stanford. Husky Nation was left blind as the terrible Pac-10 TV deal left everyone following online or listen to it on the radio. It’s hard to believe that a ranked team in 2011 is not being broadcast anywhere. While the fans were left confused, the team seemed equally off. I was unable to watch the game, like everyone outside of the arena, but it didn’t sound good. The team seemed to miss easy shots and struggled to get their offense going. You have to figure that the team’s concentration wasn’t there after a tough few days with a sexual assault case hanging over them.

It wouldn’t feel right to pretend to break down a game that I didn’t watch, so the stats and the sounds are what I have to go off. After being up 51-41 with 8:55 left, the the Cardinal went on a 12-0 run that they couldn’t seem to stop. A late three pointed from Scott Suggs was the only thing that kept UW in the game during the waning minutes. Justin Holiday went to the line, down two, with a few seconds left and couldn’t hit the first free-throw which then forced him to intentionally miss the next. Stanford got the rebound but traveled immediately to turn it over and the Huskies were five 1.2 seconds to tie it down 56-58. The desperation shot missed as it had all night. Let’s take a look at how the team performed during the loss.


  • Aziz N’diaye – He had 11 rebounds in 20 minutes against a smaller team. His offense continues to need work as he missed an easy shot late (or so I heard). Still, you can’t judge a new player off of one miss and I still feel like he needs to be on the floor to close games.
  • Rebounding – It was a great night on the board. The Huskies won the board-battle 33-26 on the road. You can’t argue with that.
  • Isaiah Thomas – While for him it was only an okay game, he won’t be to blame for this loss. His 14 points, and 7 assists helped create whatever offense was audible. He did have 4 turnovers to match, though.
  • Justin Holiday – Take it to the bank. Holiday will always put up a respectable line. He continues to stuff the stats with 15 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block, but it obviously wasn’t his best. His missed free throw will haunt me.


  • MBA – How does he only take 5 shots? Did Josh Owens shut him down that hard? Who was guarding him? MBA is a player that you have to watch in order to grade. He had 8 points and 7 rebounds but I wouldn’t hear his name for multiple possessions in a row. It’s just a head-scratcher.
  • Venoy Overton – Now, more than ever, we need Venoy to be playing his best. It seems shocking that he only played 20 minutes, but with only 2 points shooting 1-5, maybe it was the right choice. He needs to step up like a senior and help this team win when the game is close.
  • Turnovers- 11 assists to 14 turnovers. That is uncharacteristic of this Husky team. While the absence of Gaddy was unnoticeable against the Oregon schools, it sounded like they desperately needed his patience and offense-running capabilities. Who would have guessed, before the season, that the Huskies strongest position(point guard) would become it’s Achilles heel.
  • Ross and Wilcox – They went, a combined, 2-11 from the field. Ross did chase down 4 rebounds, but they both continue to be hit-or-miss each game (no pun intended). What will be the answer here? Suggs continues to be the most consistent of the three, but Ross and Wilcox have the most upside. They have to find their stroke and keep it.
  • Three-pointers – The team went 8-26. Another early strength, the Huskies have gone cold from deep. They are taking smart shots but they just aren’t falling. Infuriating both to watch and listen to.


They have to have a short memory. They can’t let this effect their next few games and brush it off as an off night. The Cal game becomes a “must win” with Arizona waiting for them next Thursday. The point guard spot seriously worries me going forward, but the other problems seem fixable. IT continues to play well, but the lack of ball handlers on the bench is worrisome.

You have to assume that their was a lack of concentration as the police investigation is looming large over their heads. Romar has to get the team to rally around each other and use this as an opportunity to grow as a team. They can’t let it become their downfall. Let’s hope that the Huskies find their groove against a Cal team that is rebuilding. Let’s hope.