How Good is Terrence Ross?


by Craig Yamada

After watching Terrence Ross’ post game interview with FSN’s Angie Mentik, one thing was clear: T-Ross is as humble as they come. He is all about his team, and is not the kind of guy that would elevate himself above the team. His non-chalant demeanor never changes in the game either. Whether it be knocking down a jumper or posterizing a lesser player, he stays calm and collected. One would have to wonder what Ross’ inner mentality really sounded like if he participated in an interview with Romar about his possible promotion to the starting line up. I figured it would go something like this:

Romar: “So you’re in charge here, is that fair to say?”

Terrence: “Absolutely, I’m the ROSS.”

Romar: “OK so take us through a day in the life of the ROSS.”

Terrence: “Well the first thing I do is…”

  • “Hop off the bench, LIKE  A ROSS”
  • “Get love from the Dawgpack, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Throw down oops, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Cross dudes over, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Hit jumpers, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Own the paint, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Lead all scorers, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Let Catron by, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Just reject him, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Smile at UW cheerleaders, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Get their numbers, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Call T-Jones, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Say I’m better, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “Become the starting guard, LIKE A ROSS”
  • “And I stay there, LIKE A ROSS”

Ok well you get the point. But in all seriousness, for anyone that watched the game yesterday, is there anyone more talented than Terrence Ross on this squad? Simple answer: Nope. This kid is blessed with more athleticism and talent as a freshman than any of his predecessors. Bold statement I know. But this kid has lottery pick tattooed across his forehead. I just hope he sticks around for longer than 2 years so we can enjoy his talents for a longer period of time.

In an interview yesterday, Romar compared Ross’ raw talent to be as high as Brandon Roy and Spencer Hawes. Quite a compliment to say the least, especially to a true freshman. In my eyes, if Brandon Roy and JR Smith were ever to fuse into a hybrid player, Terrence Ross would be the result.

No one ever really questioned  Ross’ offensive ability, it was more a question of his defensive efforts. And yesterday, Ross put on a show at both ends of the floor. With four steals, four rebounds, and a huge block on Catron, he earned Romar’s respect and furthermore should be making Romar rethink his lineup against OSU.

IT at the PG position just seems more natural to me. Having Ross in the game will open up IT for more scoring as well, as both are threats to make an impact anywhere on the floor. IT becomes more of a triple threat with a dynamo scorer on the wing. After watching Venoy Overton last night, I prefer to have him on the floor without IT to allow rest for one of our best ball handlers. During the home stretch of a close game, IT and VO definitely merit consideration to play simultaneously. But to start a game, Ross brings the scoring potential that Q-Pon  and B-Roy showcased for the Huskies in their prime.

The only other freshmen in my mind that made this kind of an impact were IT and Hawes. And what a treat to have two of our most talented players in UW history in at the same time in IT and Ross. Inserting Ross into the lineup would give UW the kind of size they would need to run the table against Big East schools in the tourney. Imagine this lineup:

PG – Isaiah Thomas 5’8″

SG – Terrence Ross 6’6″

SF – Justin Holiday 6’6″

PF – MBA 6’9″

C – Aziz N’Diaye 7’0″

If everyone can perform to their true ability, I might rival this lineup with any squad UW has ever fielded. But it’s definitely too early in the game to make that kind of statement.

Sky is the limit for this young freshman. After baring witness to the real Terrence Ross last night, riddle me this:

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