Bust Out the Brooms


UW wins convincingly against UCLA today 74-63. They complete the LA sweep for the first time since BRoy’s squad did it in 2006. Great game boys.

Early thoughts:

Who was the MVP tonight: IT or MBA? or Both?

MBA played one of his best Pac-10 career games today. He finished well and was great on the boards. He ran the floor and was rewarded.

Isaiah Thomas did all the little things to win the game today with scoring, finding the open man and converting from the stripe. He even drew a high percentage of Josh Smith’s fouls tonight.

Holiday played very well and was aggressive. He locked down Honeycutt all game long.

Darnell Gant was an unsung hero tonight. Not only because of his huge three pointer, but because of the job he did on Reeves Nelson to open up the second half. His defense on the bruiser allowed UW to go on that big run to open the second half. Once Gant was removed from the game, UW had no answer for Nelson.