Maui: Virginia Game Recap


by Griffin Bennett

If you have seen Tony Bennett, or have any idea of his whereabouts, please call the police. He has been missing since 9 o’clock Monday night PST and his family and team is very worried about him. He was last seen at the Maui airport but disappeared just after tip-off. All joking aside, Romar and the Dawgs destroyed Bennett’s attempt at a defensive strategy and I’m not sure if there would have been another team in the country that could have either. In the end, it was just a perfect 40 minutes of basketball.


  • Three Point Shooting – I have never seen anything like that before. We knew that these Huskies could shoot and that we would have epic games, but 17 for 26 (65.4%)? 8 for 9 in the first half? They kept shooting, and it just kept falling. You have to assume that we won’t be THIS hot all year, but this is a deadly team.
  • Team Defense – It was just swarming all night. The on-ball defense was only out shone by the off-ball defense. From clogging passing lanes to switching on screens, the Huskies’ athleticism and speed was just too much for an overwhelmed Virginia squad. The king of the night on defense was (surprise) Justin Holiday with six steals. Forcing 17 turnovers was absolutely key.
  • Bench Guards – We need to name this trio, but Suggs, Ross and Wilcox were amazing off of the bench all night. They combined for 37 points (Wilcox 17, Ross 12, Suggs 8), 9 rebounds, and 10 for 15 from deep. Ouch.
  • Assist to Turnovers – Simply, it was 18:9. This team continues to pass very well and as long we keep nailing threes, the assists will keep mounting.
  • Isaiah and Gaddy – IT is just IT. You think he’s driving out of control and surrounded by trees, but he just sneaks up a reverse lay-up that spins right in. It’s just special to watch a man carve up a team with such skill. Gaddy, is another story. A feel good story. His confidence driving to the hoop has made all of the difference and the next step is for him to gain more confidence in his jumper.


  • Rebounding – UW won the battle 39-34, but that number needs to be higher against a team of that caliber. It’s an ongoing process and MBA’s foul trouble hurt the total numbers.
  • MBA – He got two early fouls and it forced him to only play 17 minutes total. He finished with 8 points and 4 rebounds but he will be needed for more production Tuesday night against Kentucky.
  • Aziz – DON’T JUMP AZIZ!!! You’re seven feet tall! You don’t need to try to swat everyone’s shot. Just stick your arms up and affect the shots with your incredible length! On the other hand, he was 4 for 4 from the free-throw line. Coach Chillious worked with Aziz’ shot this last week by adding a more deliberate finishing motion and it has added more spin and more accuracy. It was very refreshing to see.


  • The game had to end.

With work and school being cancelled all around the state, I think it’s a sign that Tuesday should officially become National Beat Kentucky Day. We’ve been waiting for this day since March and beyond. It had finally arrived and it’s time to give the Avatar Nation the beat down that they so badly deserve. Bow Down.