The Decision: Tony Wroten


by Craig Yamada

“I have decided to take my talents to….”

Well we know he isn’t going to South Beach, but Tony Wroten will be making his announcement tomorrow at 3 PM tomorrow at Garfield HS  to one of these five schools:

  1. UW
  2. Louisville
  3. Seattle U
  4. UConn
  5. Villanova

The media and myself included  believe it will be a two horse race between UW and Louisville as Tony Wroten has been reported to saying he is “50-50” between the two. Tony knows drama. Could he be pulling an ASJ move on us? Most likely.

You all know the facts of his decision. But in case you don’t, here is the breakdown between UW and Louisville:



  1. Pitino is a great coach. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. We could go to great length about his character, but we will stick to the facts for now.
  2. Peyton Siva, one of Tony’s closest friends, is already enrolled at Louisville and is primed for a starting role this year.  Tony and Peyton were a dynamic duo on the Seattle Rotary team together and would love to play together at the next level.
  3. Terrence Williams, a former Seattle native and current NBA player, also has some influence on Tony signing with his former school. Terrence is one of many “big bros” that Tony uses for advice.
  4. Louisville is in line for a great recruiting class this year as it has already signed Chane Benehan and is in the final four of Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello.
  5. Huge NBA sized arena (KFC Yum Center)


  1. Quincy Miller had “his best trip” at Baylor last weekend and should be considered leaning toward the Bears at this moment and thus there is no guarantee they will haul in the recruits necessary to make a big bang in 2011.
  2. It’s way too far from home
  3. Tony’s parents won’t be able to see him every game he plays in, without flying across the country on a regular basis



  1. Close to home
  2. Strong and long lasting relationship with LoRo. Romar has been recruiting Tony pretty much since his freshman year or earlier. Romar and the coaching staff have an excellent relationship with the Tony Wroten Sr.
  3. Tony would be an instant celebrity in Seattle without an NBA team here. The whole city would be behind him every game. (We still would be if he choose to go to UL, but it’s not the same)
  4. Tony could really lead this UW team to a Final Four as he possesses all the tools to make each person around him better. Couple him with the talent we have returning and the recruits coming in, we would be a juggernaut.
  5. Hikeem Stewart. Best Friend. Always wanted to play together at the next level. What better way than to play together in front of your home crowd every week?
  6. The UW Big Bros: Nate Robinson (cousin), Tre Simmons, Will Conroy and Brandon Roy have all been big influences on Tony since before this process even started. They are a perfect example of hometown guys becoming local heroes at the collegiate level.

Negatives: I got nothing.


Seattle Times will be streaming the video feed HERE. Griffin and I will both be there to witness Tony’s decision and will be sure to steal his phone away so Pitino can’t call him after. Just kidding. Sort of. And in case you were wondering, YES, we are hitting up Ezell’s before.

We will be streaming live updates over Twitter.

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We are in for some fireworks. What do you think Tony will decide?