The Decision Part 2: Jabari Brown


by Craig Yamada

Surprise! Looks like Tony isn’t the only one announcing his decision tomorrow. Just saw on Ebosshoops (Eric Bossi’s Twitter) that Jabari Brown will be announcing his college decision on ESPNU on Thursday as well. His decision will begin at 2 PM PST.

Jabari finished his last visit with the Ducks this past weekend after visiting ASU earlier in the week. Apparently he is done with his visits which is surprising as he hasn’t visited Georgia Tech yet to my knowledge.  Could something have happened?

ASU and UO seem to feel pretty good about their chances for Brown. But the fact that Jabari chose Thursday to announce just seems to be a big coincidence in my opinion. Why announce the same day as Tony? Could this be the “something special” that Tony had in store for us at his announcement?

Jabari has the following schools in his final five: Georgia Tech, UCONN, Oregon, ASU and UW.

Could be a big day for UW. Could this all have been coordinated? Perhaps?

Tony’s last tweet:

ToneTone13 My bro jabari brown is committing tomorrow. Let’s see where he goes

Should be an interesting day to say the least. The stage is set for two of the best guards in the nation to decide where they will play next year. I know I will not sleep a wink tonight.