Tyreese Breshers: Retiring from Basketball


by Craig Yamada, Editor In Chief

Retired? A weird term indeed to be used for a college basketball player, but nonetheless Romar announced today that Tyreese Breshers will hang up his high tops due to medical reasons, effective immediately. The full story can be seen here from UW’s site.

The article goes on to say that because of HIPAA regulations, the details of Breshers’ medical retirement cannot be disclosed.

Tyreese aka “Reesey” Breshers averaged 3.0 ppg and 2.6 rebounds last year. He was a big physical bruiser in the post that the UW will definitely miss as the season wears on them. Tyreese had a rough go about early last year struggling with foul trouble and conditioning, but progressed little by little over the course of the year. He proved to be a great rebounder and one of UW’s lone post presences that could work his way into the paint with his body, aside from MBA. He ranked 5th all time for Freshmen for blocks with 26 (3.1 per game).

So what is the immediate impact?

This will largely depend on what the match up will look like and how conditioning and practice progress in the next two months. Several scenarios seem plausible:

  • Scenario #1 (most likely): The path is now clear for Darnell Gant to step up for bigger minutes going into his Junior season. If the season started today, Romar would likely look for Gant to start at the 4 spot with MBA at the 5. Things definitely can get shaken up at practice as we have heard great things about Desmond Simmons and the work ethic he possesses. He could definitely challenge Gant for that spot if he impresses the coaches in practice.
  • Scenario #2: Hypothetically, Aziz N’Diaye works with the coaches to get his post skills refined to become a threat on both ends of the floor and steps into the 5 spot, moving MBA to the 4 spot. This is definitely something I would like to see as the season progresses, but since Aziz is reportedly a bit raw on the offensive end at the present time, he will take some time to develop.
  • Scenario #3: Romar rolls the dice and starts with a smaller starting package: Terrence Ross/Justin Holiday at the 4 spot and leaving MBA at the 5. Think I am crazy? Think again. I know I am a broken record in saying this, but Q-Pon was not a traditional PF last year. He was more of a big wing. Ross has the range to be a threat from anywhere on the floor and the athleticism to get put backs on the glass. Ross is only an inch shorter than Q-Pon and has shown similar athletic ability, with slightly better body control from the film I have seen. Although, it is unlikely Romar will call Ross’ number out of the gates, this could be a possibility later in the season.  Likewise for Holiday as he has been refining his shot this offseason. This would open up the floor a lot more and allow someone like Suggs/Wilcox start at the 3 spot.

The Upside?

Don’t get me wrong, Tyreese will be missed and many discount his value to the team. His physical toughness was a unique characteristic that he brought to the post. He gets to stay at UW and complete his degree, which we all hope he does. But we will miss his presence on the defensive end next year.

However, with every disappointment comes a silver lining. UW gains an extra scholarship to be used either this season or next season. My guess is that they keep it in their back pocket in hopes of having 5 guaranteed schollies for the talented 2011 class. But the post definitely needs to be addressed in this coming class with MBA leaving next year and Breshers now departing. Davis sounds like a sure thing and Chol is likely a slight UW lean over Alabama in my opinion.

Best of luck to you Tyreese. You will be missed.