Welcome to the Family, T-Ross & Poll


We’re giving it the old college try at Montlake Madness. Trying to do what, you ask? Can you blame us for trying not to focus ONLY on the tiring will-he?/wont-he? Terrence Jones sage. Staff Writer Craig Yamada takes a deeper look at Terrence Ross, who we KNOW is coming to the UW (assuming he qualifies academically).

by Craig Yamada – Staff Writer

With all the drama over the past week, it’s been easy to forget that we received a huge commitment last Friday from Terrence Ross.  This was a huge get for Romar and Montlake is buzzing about the potential that T-Ross brings to this team. And it has been said, and I will say it again: “Big Ups to T-Ross for rockin’ the UW gear at the press conference. We are glad to have you.”

Let’s Meet Terrence Ross:

Height = 6’5”

Position = SG, SF

High School = Jefferson HS (Portland, OR) / Montrose Christian (Rockville, MD)

  • 2008 Oregon 5A Player of the Year as a sophomore for Jefferson HS
  • 2009 First Team All-Metro for Montrose Christian
  • Averaged 13.5 ppg in 2009 for Montrose Christian
  • #3 Ranked  HS shooting guard in the Nation (#26 overall per Scout)

When did he sign his LOI with UW?

As many speculated, he signed on his recruiting visit to the UW on Monday two weeks ago. He tried to keep it under wraps so he could surprise everyone at the press conference. He said on KJR this week that he has  “wanted to come to UW for over a month.”

What does T-Ross bring to the Dawgs?

He is what I would term a “complete package” when it comes to a shooting guard. He is renowned for his range from the arc, but according to Coach Romar has evolved his game “[by] developing more of a mid-range game as opposed to just being a stand–still shooter.” Romar also noted that his rebounding skills have greatly improved. From the film I have seen on him, he possesses the athleticism to create his own shot and can be explosive in transition.

How will he fit into rotation?

It has been said that Ross will be battling CJ Wilcox for playing time as they have been termed similar players. Romar claims that Ross “is more athletic”, but Wilcox may have a slight edge in quickness. I can see him playing the back-up roll to Justin Holiday as the season opens at the 3-spot.  If Ross is able to develop his game and learn Romar’s offensive and defensive schemes, I can see Ross breaking into the starting lineup as the season progresses. I’d imagine Suggs and Wilcox will be battling it out for time at the 2-spot behind IT.

What is his academic situation?

Romar said he will be attending the bridge program at UW beginning July 13th and feels confident Ross will have no issues getting into school.

Can we finally say we have gotten quality from Oregon recruiting?

Yes. After Oregon lured local talent such as Aaron Brooks and Luke Ridnour in years past, UW is now on the receiving end of the stick. Ross is easily the most talented player we have gotten from Oregon thus far. We hope he is the first of many (Jones and Tebutt, come on down).

Are we overloaded at the guard position?

That very well could be the case, but as Romar said yesterday, “It’s a good problem to have.” Not convinced? Let’s jump into the Hot Tub Time Machine and go back to 2005 when UW gained the #1 seed in the Big Dance. We were loaded up with talent in the backcourt and it turned out quite nicely for us. If the season started today, let’s see how past and present teams stack up against each other in terms of personnel:

PG: Will Conroy (04/05), Abdul Gaddy Venoy Overton (10/11)

SG: Nate Robinson, Tre Simmons, Brandon Burmeister, Alex Johnson (04/05), Isaiah Thomas, C.J. Wilcox, Scott Suggs (10/11)

SG/SF: Brandon Roy (04/05), Terrence Ross (10/11)

SF: Bobby Jones, Zane Potter (04/05), Justin Holiday, Desmond Simmons (10/11)

PF: Mike Jensen, Hans Gasser (04/05), Darnell Gant, Brendan Sherrer (10/11)

PF/C: Jamaal Williams, Hakeem Rollins (04/05), Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Tyreese Breshers (10/11)

C: Anthony Washington, Ben Devoe (04/05), Aziz N’Diaye (10/11)

And yes, we would still “love to add one more,” for this season, but if the season started today, UW should be confident and excited about the team we are fielding next year. We have the most talent and depth than we have had in a long time (if ever).

Welcome to the family T-Ross, we are expecting great things from you.

Thanks for coming! Which team do YOU think looks better on paper? Let us know below.