Say it Ain't So, Elston!


Staff writer Craig Yamada takes a look at today’s sad news that Elston Turner has decided to transfer.

by Craig Yamada – Staff Writer

At 10:00 AM this morning, Softy Mahler delivered news that placed a major blemish on UW’s big recruiting week. Elston Turner has filed for a transfer out of UW. After reading Romar’s interview with Percy Allen, it was apparent that something was brewing around a player leaving the team this year. ET was not the player most had pegged to transfer.

No Romar math was needed here. ET had been mulling this over for months and came to the conclusion after speaking with his father about his future. He dropped the news on Romar two days ago and it was officially announced today.  ET felt like the situation at UW “slowed down his development as an individual player.”  He is looking for an opportunity where he can showcase different dimensions of his game, “not just spot-up shooting.”

Make no mistake about it, this decision did not come easy for Elston. “Romar has been like a father and this team was a bunch of brothers to me.” He is simply looking for an opportunity that allows him to “be the best he could be.”

The general feeling around most of Dawg Nation today was a mixed feeling of sadness and shock. Given the big finish Elston had to close out the season, many pinned ET as a possible filler for Q-Pon’s production next season. Apparently, ET just did not see it that way.


Q: Why ET, Why?

A: Romar’s offensive system didn’t exactly lend itself to an opportunity for Elston to showcase all of his abilities. And with the possible emergence of C.J. Wilcox next year, Turner must have felt an increase in playing time was far from a sure thing.

Much like Scott Suggs, ET’s role seemed to be reduced to being a spot-up shooter. As a result, he became labeled as one-dimensional in the offensive scheme. He‘d rather be labeled as a complete player and become a central focus for a team that can get him to the next level.

Q: Where is he going?

A: He has not been officially contacted yet, but did make mention of Texas A&M given his many friends playing for that team and its close proximity to Houston. This would be intriguing as Washington and A&M will play again in 2010/2011 as part of the Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series.

Q: How does UW replace the hole that ET has left?

A: I have the utmost confidence Suggs and Wilcox will fill this void in the future, but the experience and confidence that ET showcased will be severely missed.  ET proved to be more of a complete player during the latter stages of the season not only on the offensive end, but on the defensive side of the ball as well.

Q: What is the immediate impact?

A: Romar has a new scholarship at his disposal for this year’s recruiting class. We wouldn’t need any Romar Math for either Terrence Jones or Terrence Ross to come to Montlake. Now, if both choose the Huskies, that’s a different story. . .

Q: What is the long-term impact?

A: UW loses its most clutch three-point shooter who has proven to be a bigtime player during high pressure situations. ‘Tourney Turner’ will not be easily replaced.

Top three memories for ET as a Husky:

  1. Hitting a clutch three pointers down the stretch to help lift UW over Marquette in this year’s tourney
  2. The spin and step back three drained against Purdue in the second round last year
  3. The barrage of three balls unleashed in the Pac-10 tourney championship this year to help lift UW over Cal.

Best of luck to you ET. You will always be a Dawg to me.

Thanks for coming. And thanks, Elston for being supportive of  the fan community at Montlake Madness when we’ve had the opportunity to speak.