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Panic Not! Methinks Terrence Jones Report Was Jumping the Gun


Thanks to EVERYONE who emailed or commented letting me know about Percy Allen’s post on the Times’ blog that one Oregon newspaper says Terrence Jones is expected to sign with Kentucky.

I checked out the article that Percy pointed to, but also found this one from Monday evening that speaks to Jones directly. Jones doesn’t say anything about Kentucky (or UW), but says that he’s not ruling out Oregon despite the reports swirling of Ernie Kent’s firing.

I think suggesting Jones had made a decision already was just a mistake by the original reporter at the Albany-Democrat Herald, and since an awful lot of us hinging on every piece of news about a highly touted prospect, it spread in the Husky-verse. In truth, I think this is a big hunk of nothing.

So, I say, fear not. I haven’t seen a thing about Jones making a final decision about Kentucky, UW, or anywhere else.

The signing period starts April 14th and goes through May 19th. And, since he’s taken his sweet time up to this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see TJ take every last minute of that time to make his choice.

Once he does, you’ll see it right here. Until then, we’ll keep guessing, just like everyone else. And, in case you were wondering, if I had to bet my life savings (sorry Mrs. Madness for even suggesting something so crazy with a baby coming!), I think Jones is indeed coming to UW.

Thanks for coming!