Dawg Pack's Answer to Rece Davis's Challenge


If you ever find yourself wondering why college basketball is so much more likable than the pro game, look no further than the student sections at big-time sports schools.

Our very own Dawg Pack has answered ESPN commentator Rece Davis’s challenge to “do something special” on Saturday when ESPN College Gameday comes to Hec Ed. Here’s the Dawg Pack’s response. I love it!:

"Mr. Davis,It has come to my attention that you recently presented an open challenge to Washington fans to “do something special”. Husky fans are prepared to give the College Gameday crew an experience they will never forget.It is recognized by ESPN that Husky Stadium is the loudest venue in college football. The Purple Nation is prepared to extend this recognition to college basketball. We challenge you Rece, to measure the decibel level on the court in Hec Ed Pavilion Saturday night. Husky fans will prove to you and the rest of the nation, that we not only have the best fans in the nation, but the loudest also.We are PURPLE NATION.We are THE DAWG PACK."

I can’t wait. What a way to send off senior Quincy Pondexter!

Thanks for coming!