Dawgs Lose Shot Monday to Brighten Hopes


Bummer. . . Texas A&M hung with #1 Kansas tonight, and even led them for much of the game. But the Jayhawks got it done in the end, defeating the Aggies, 59-54.

The Huskies, of course, defeated #23 Texas A&M on December 22nd, in a game marred by the gruesome injury to guard Derrick Roland.

With the Pac-10’s reputation so poor this season, A&M sits as the Dawgs marquee victory this year, so their successes all bode well for the Huskies, a bubble team at best for the NCAA Tournament.

And, although I wasn’t around for it, I heard all about the Dawgs GREAT win to break out of their road slump at Stanford.

Five games left. All winnable. I think if they go 5-5, they’ve got a shot at an at-large bid. What do you think?

Thanks for coming!