Say it Ain't So, Enes!


We’ve got a BIG game to focus on, so I’ll be brief about today’s disappointing news.

Word today from that Turkish center Enes Kanter (our profile here) is opening up his recruitment and looking at other schools. I’ve not spoken to Enes myself, but his words to Scout are pretty clear.

Enes claims he doesn’t know a lot about the NCAA and wants to explore his options. (WHAT-ever, Enes!)

Percy Allen has some more here. This is a bummer for the Dawgs, obviously. Unless. . .

It’s a total bummer unless Terrence Jones announces in just a few short weeks that he’s coming to play at UW. We’ll see, but a source told me today that he’s heard that UW is the frontrunner for Terrence. I can’t let my hopes get up any higher, so I’ll just say that I’m cautiously optimistic.


And, of course, the day’s other big news is the possibility of the Pac-10 expanding to 12 schools.

I don’t know what to think yet. My initial reaction is that I like the Thursday/Saturday, home-and-home style of the Pac-10 schedule. I’ll wait for this to come to pass, and for concrete details to emerge, before giving any more opinion on this.

What do YOU think of Pac-10 expansion? Would love to hear thoughts from the readers on this. . . Let me know, and thanks for coming!