Further Thoughts on the Huskies 81-75 Win Over Arizona


Caught last night’s game from the stands with Gant’s Moustache.

I’ve been lucky enough to sit in the press box and attend post-game press conferences this year, but I’m glad I got to experience one game this year as a fan.

Getting to scream your head off and act like a maniac is one of the best things about the game experience, and, even if just for a night, I’m glad I got to do it. And, I’m glad I got to go with GM, my favorite dude to watch a Husky game with.

Here’s some thoughts on the squeaker:

What’s up with Isaiah? This wasn’t just an off night. Something’s up, and I hope it’s just the residual effects of the flu. Tonight, he was nothing like the sparkplug we’ve come to expect and looked downright slow out there.

This is me not taking Quincy Pondexter’s awesomeness for granted. This is me not taking Quincy Pondexter’s awesomeness for granted. This is me not taking Quincy Pondexter’s awesomeness for granted. . .

And speaking of guys we need to remember not to take for granted: Justin Holiday (five points, four rebounds, four assists, two blocks) has been the catalyst for everything good that’s happened to the Huskies during the Pac-10 portion of their schedule. If the Dawgs go on to salvage this season and make the Tournament, we’ll all look back to the decision to start Holiday as the turning point.

Looks like the coaches have given Scott Suggs the green light and it’s paying off. He had 13 points, and looks more confident every day. He also forced the turnover that led to Quincy’s big breakaway dunk — a key turning point as the Huskies were grabbing control of the game.

Gant’s Moustache is a proponent of the Dawgs sometimes going with a lineup that includes I.T. at the point, with one of the shooters (Suggs or Turner), Holiday, Quincy and one of the bigs. I used to call him crazy, but when Venoy goes to the bench, I’m starting to come around to the idea that it shouldn’t automatically mean Romar goes back to Abdul Gaddy.

Easily the best interior defensive effort of the season — dare I say that the Huskies looked semi-intimidating down low last night? Fantastic effort Thursday, given that Arizona has some tough competitors, including Ivan Drago, on its front line.

More on the Huskies interior D: their nine blocks are the most for them in a Pac-10 game this year.

Again, MBA + Tyreese = a decent performance from a post player (12 points, nine rebounds, six blocks, eight fouls, in 29 minutes).

Nic Wise isn’t half the player Quincy Pondexter is.

Call me crazy, but I was a lot more worried about this game than I am for Saturday against ASU. I feel like we can own the Sun Devils a second time around, and predict a slow grind of a game, but feel ultra confident the Dawgs will come out on top . What do you think?