Further Thoughts and Observations After the Huskies' Big Win Over Seattle U.


Nothing but a road win by the Huskies is going to excite me at this point, but Tuesday’s game was the third straight dominant effort by the Huskies at home.

Here’s some of my thoughts after watching the game:

This one really wasn’t in doubt after the first few minutes. When the Huskies built a 21-2 with 13:27 left in the first half, I wrote in my notes: “Is it garbage time already?”

Charles Garcia’s intentional foul on Quincy was inexcusable. It wasn’t particularly hard, but pushing a guy in the back from behind is a recipe to really hurt someone. Frustrated or not, to have so little regard for someone’s well-being, especially someone in such a similar position in life (trying to make a career of playing ball and avoid a major injury in college) was not cool, and said something pretty bad about Garcia to me.

But, Q-Pon got the last laugh. If you’re an NBA scout, based on this game, you can’t tell me Garcia was more impressive, right? Particularly since Quincy’s learned to shoot. Attention Isaiah Thomas: ask Quincy for Ryan Appleby’s phone number. (Former Husky Appleby worked with Quincy on his shot this off-season, and it’s obviously paid off.)

I’ve never seen people head for the exits with 13 minutes left. But, with the Dawgs up 83-38, it started. And, then with 11:33 left, it really started to empty out at Hec Ed.

Venoy’s our third scoring option officially now, right? Maybe it’s not the ideal spot for the scoring to come from, but he’s proven he can do it.

So, how does this work?: Seattle U. beats Oregon State by 51. We beat Seattle U. by 47. But, we only beat Oregon State by six. That’s why they play the games, I guess.

The biggest suspense in the second half was whether someone would be stupid enough to throw a punch as the game got chippier and chippier. If not for the connection between the coaches (and the players’ knowledge that their coaches would not look kindly on an altercation), I get the sense that this would’ve degenerated to, at least, some pushing and shoving by the end.

The second half really felt more similar to the exhibition against Central Washington than any other game this season.

Good practice for the Dawgs against the press. But, I get the sense that a good team that pressed the Huskies for a significant portion of the game would give them some big problems.

The crowd was calling for him with more than 10 minutes left in the game, so I loved seeing Brendan Sherrer score his first points. Also loved Clarence Trent’s sick dunk in the second half. (If anyone happens to have or locate video, please let me know so I can post it!)

On a night where it felt like everyone scored a lot, the four Husky “bigs” combined for only 16 points, equal to or less than what four other players scored themselves.

I wonder about the scheduling: mixing a game like this in between always tough road games in Southern Cal and a difficult home game against Wazzu. This lopsided win could be great for the Dawgs. . . Or, it could provide a false sense of security. We’ll see on Saturday.

Not that it’s an excuse for losing by 47, but making the Redhawks play in sleeves doesn’t seem fair.

Charles Garcia is a legit NBA prospect. There, I said it. (I was planning to write more about this until his mean-spirited foul on Quincy, but I’m banning further praise of Garcia on Montlake Madness for the time being, so I’ll leave it at that.) YOU, of course, can praise whomever you like in the comments section, but all you’ll get from me is silent nodding when it comes to big Charles.

Thanks for coming!