this link to highlights from Tuesday's game<..."/> this link to highlights from Tuesday's game<..."/>

Clarence Trent Dunk; Are We Better Without I.T.?


First, thanks to reader UWHoop, who passed along this link to highlights from Tuesday’s game, including the redonkulous Clarence Trent dunk late in the game. You can blitz through to about the 2:45 mark in the clip if you just want to see the dunk.


I’ve also seen a little bit out there in the Huskyverse, after Tuesday’s domination of Seattle U., asking whether there’s a case to be made that the Dawgs might actually be better off without Isaiah Thomas on the court.

I don’t think so.

Yes, there are there times that the Huskies look like they’re just standing around while Isaiah dribbles the ball. And, there have been nights when Isaiah has been as guilty as anyone of playing a one-dimensional game, over-penetrating and forcing up bad shots.

But, pound for pound, other than Quincy Pondexter, is there really a player who contributes more to the Huskies than Isaiah?Or better yet, is there someone who could replace his scoring night-in and night-out?

I don’t need to rattle off an entire list of his skills — you know what I.T. brings to the table. But, I will point out his improved defense, and his recent trend of trying to involve teammates more.

And, I’ll point out that other than Pondexter, Isaiah is the only player on the team capable of completely taking over a game.

It’s tempting to look at last night and wonder why we can’t win every game by 47. And, seeing guys like Elston Turner and Justin Holiday shoulder the scoring load might’ve been enough for some fans to wonder ‘what if?’.

So, yeah, my sense is that, disappointing as this season has been so far, we’d be much worse off without our occasionally infuriating, 5’8″ dynamo from Tacoma.

Thanks for coming!