Plus/Minus for Pac-10 Season to Date


Thanks to reader Rich for putting together these +/- figures for the Pac-10 season to date. Plus/minus measures the team’s performance only when a specific player is on the floor.

Rich has tried to put the numbers in perspective a little bit by giving a “garbage time only” number for three players who are typically on the court once the score has been decided.

Pac-10 games total point differential: +9 (meaning Huskies are nine points better than their opponents during the Pac-10 season)

Matthew Bryan-Amaning: +41

Quincy Pondexter: +39

Venoy Overton: +37

Isaiah Thomas: +37

Justin Holiday: +29

Scott Suggs: +7 (Garbage time only: -23)

Brendan Sherrer: -7

Darnell Gant: -10

Clarence Trent: -22

Elston Turner: -27 (Garbage time only: -15)

Tyreese Breshers: -31

Abdul Gaddy: -37  (Garbage time only: -10)