Thank you, Justin Dentmon!


I realized the other day I never wrote about how Montlake Madness began:

One Saturday morning in July. I was walking around Greenlake with my dog and at the basketball court, I happened upon a tournament going on.

Stopping to watch, I quickly noticed one player outclassing the others. He looked familiar too, and coming a little closer to the action, I saw that it was Justin Dentmon.

I didn’t recognize anyone else on the court, but it was clear that Justin was the best guy playing that day. I stood for a long while and watched Justin light it up from deep and overpower the other team with his defense.

Watching Justin’s performance that day wouldn’t have meant much to someone who wasn’t a big Husky fan, but I was thrilled to stumble upon him. JD had finished up his college career in March, and there was a distinct possibility I’d never watch him play again.

On my walk home, I got to thinking about the fact that there must be other fans out there who would enjoy hearing about what I’d seen. That afternoon, Montlake Madness was born. I bought the URL, taught myself how to blog, and got going. It all started with this post.

(And, I stand by my story that Cal guard Jorge Gutierrez and Frida Kahlo would be impossible to tell apart in a lineup.)