Gant’s Moustache: You got me thinking, MM.

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Very interesting updated Pac-10 breakdown. I like that the Huskies have moved up a notch! /

It got me thinking. With all the negativity and nervousness surrounding the Huskies start this season, they come into conference play at 9-2, and appear to be the front runner to win their second Pac-10 title in a row. Amazing how quickly expectations can shift within a fan base.

The fact that the Huskies chances of winning the Pac-10 (in the eyes of the fans, at least) have improved, actually flies in the face of the overall feeling surrounding this team, both on this site and in the Seattle-based media. I am DEFINITELY guilty of fueling the fire of negativity during my posts, and in my conversations with MM and other Husky faithful.

Last year, we were so positive and hyped up about this team for most of the season, because they were exceeding expectations and playing a fun brand of basketball. This year, they are playing the same exciting style, and winning, yet there seems to be a lot of ‘what’s wrong with the Huskies’ conversations.

As we turn the page into Pac-10 play, I think it’s time to fully embrace THIS team. We have to let go of last season, forget the Purdue loss and appreciate how exciting it is to enter Pac-10 play as the 17th ranked team in the nation— and the powerhouse of a major conference!

The goal every year should be to win the Pac-10 and secure an NCAA tournament bid. I think we have a great chance to do that this season. As a fan, what more can you ask for?

I mean, besides Venoy not committing so many turnovers, MBA taking it up strong, Gaddy playing with confidence, Bresheers fouling less, IT shooting better, Romar figuring out a rotation….  Wait, forget everything I just said. I’ll stop complaining when we’re national champions.