Meet Our Guest Star, "Gant's Moustache"

Gants Moustache logo copy
Small programming note: I’ll be on vacation from today through January 9th. My hope, though, is that you won’t miss a second of Husky basketball coverage while I’m gone… (Okay, that’s not true — we won’t be as fast with the breaking news, and the game previews will be a little smaller than usual.) /

But, you’ll still have something new nearly every day while I’m gone thanks to Pops Madness, who’s going to moderate the site and make sure everything gets posted when it’s supposed to. And my buddy, Gant’s Moustache, will be providing excellent post-game analysis for the next four games.

Some of you will recognize Gant’s Moustache from our comment section. He’s another non-native who fell under the Husky hypnosis when he moved here several years ago. He’s my number one commiserator for Husky hoops, and the dude I will undoubtedly be watching games with during the Dawgs improbable run to the Final Four next spring.

Anyhow, you’ll be in good hands until about January 10th when I’m back in the saddle. Please join me in thanking Pops Madness and Gant’s Moustache for keeping the Husky love alive on Montlake Madness while Mrs. Madness and I live it up for a couple of weeks overseas.

Happy holidays and happy new year! Thank you for a great 2009. See you in 2010!

All my Best,