Quick Interview with Potential Husky Recruit, Anrio Adams

anrio adams
Anrio Adams is a Franklin High School point guard who will be graduating and heading to college in 2012. Even though only a sophomore, Adams is already projected by some as a hot recruit. And, because he’s a local kid, there’s sure to be plenty of attention on him in the Seattle area as he gets closer to the college game. /

I got a chance to catch up with Anrio recently and get his thoughts on schools at this point, which is obviously very early, but still interesting to hear what he had to say:

Montlake Madness: Can you tell me where you’re at, as far as thinking about schools so far?

Anrio Adams: Definetly have the UW in great interest, but also have some other east coast schools in mind.

MM: What’s the shortlist at this point?

AA: UW, UCLA, Syracuse, Louisvile, Kansas… right now.

MM: Tell me a little about your game. What pro or college players does your game resemble?

AA: You know, I would say I am an all-around player. Definitely, defense-first, and a college player right now, I would say my big bro (formerFranklin star, Peyton) Siva, and pro player: Gilbert Arenas! Or, Carmelo Anthony. . .

MM: What are you looking for in the school you pick? What’s the most important thing? Playing time/location/prestigious program, etc?

AA: Definitely the support of the program, and last but not least, location. And playing time last, because if you work hard, you don’t have to worry about playing time.

MM: I would imagine you’re still growing. What position do you think you’ll play when you get to the college level?

AA: Point and shooting guard. In between. . .

MM: Do you think you’ll make a decision about a school early, or wait it out until into your senior year?

AA: Maybe next year, but most definitely, (by) my senior year. . .

MM: Who”s the best player you’ve ever played against on the court?

AA: Peyton. But defensively, Vonchae Richardson and Vionte Reid.

MM: Anything else you want to say about yourself?

AA: You know, I’m just really excited for this year, and can’t wait to do it with my team this year, and thank you.

Thanks for coming!