When is Enes Kanter Going to Sign?

Enes Kanter copy
I’ve gotten a few questions about Enes Kanter recently. /

Kanter is the highly-touted center prospect who, in a complete surprise to most fans, announced about a month ago that he’d be playing at Montlake next season.

Here’s our profile of Kanter, including some coverage of the eligibility issues that may prevent Kanter from playing from day one next season.

As far as whether Kanter has signed his LOI (letter of intent). . . No, he hasn’t. There are two periods to sign: the early period (November 11 – 18, 2009) and the regular signing period (April 14 – May 19, 2010). Kanter announced he’d be playing for the Dawgs a few days after the early signing period ended, so he won’t be able to make it official until April, 2010.

A few of you have expressed concern over the possibility of Kanter backing out of his commitment prior to signing. Is it possible that Kanter could change his mind? Of course.

That said, I have ZERO information that would lead me to believe anything is in the works, or that there’s anything to be concerned about.

As of now, next year’s Husky frontcourt is looking A-OK to me!

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