More Thoughts and Observations from the Huskies’ 74-66 Loss to Georgetown

Mark J. Terrill / AP
Mark J. Terrill / AP /

Tough loss to the Hoyas yesterday, and not sure where this leaves the Huskies with their aspiration to be a national power this season. Here’s some more observations from Saturday’s game:

One of the good things I saw: Justin Holiday had a couple of possessions late in the game in which he was aggressive offensively — something I wish we could see a little more.

I love the “Trentergy.” Clarence is like a jolt every time he comes onto the court, and I hope we can find a way, as the rotation thins out, to get him 5-10 minutes each game.

I loved the three in the first half, but if we’ve got to depend on Scott Suggs trying to dig ourselves out of a hole, we’re in a lot of trouble.

Darnell Gant only played only two minutes tonight and doesn’t look to be figuring into the thinning rotation. Tyreese Breshers only played 10 minutes too. I’m thinking we’re going to see Pondexter almost exclusively at the four spot, with Gant, Breshers and Trent fighting it out for the minutes backing up Q-Pon and MBA.

Assist-to-turnover ratio for the game 1 to 2.5. On the season, it’s about 1 to 1.1. If a big part of the Dawgs’ chance for success depends on our guard play, we’ve got to be a lot better than that.

There’s got to be a middle ground between Isaiah haphazardly charging into the lane for difficult shots all night, and him jacking up 10 three-pointers. He’s got all the talent in the world, but he needs to develop some news aspects to his game: a true and reliable jumpshot, and the ability to dish off penetration.

We’re still blowing too many easy layups and getting killed backdoor. It sounds simplistic, but how about more practice time spent attacking and defending on the backdoor so we can improve on both skills at once?

With the way the Pac-10 is playing, it will be very difficult to add to their national perception once conference play begins. A loss in any of the next three games (Portland, Texas A&M, or San Francisco) may mean the Huskies can book a very extended stay away from the polls.