Huskies' Weekly Fast Break

As part of the content-sharing relationship between Montlake Madness and, I’ll be linking every Tuesday to Travis Sherer’s great “Weekly Fast Break” column, which has in-depth coverage of Lorenzo Romar’s Tuesday press conferences. /

More than just quotes, the Weekly Fast Break examines the most pressing issues for the Huskies each Tuesday. And, of course, the price is right: is running the column as free content. Here’s a teaser to this week’s piece, and then the link:

Tuesday’s press conference centered around the upcoming game with No. 15-ranked Georgetown.

“Georgetown will be the best team we’ve played at this point,” coach Lorenzo Romar said.

Romar racked his mind but couldn’t think of a team similar to the tall, physical Hoyas in the Pac-10 because of one reason.

“Monroe is so versatile because he can put the ball on the court and make plays for himself and others,” he said. “Those that can do that are usually difficult covers and you don’t usually find that.”

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