Plus/Minus Stats from the Texas Tech Game

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Courtesy of Rich, here are the plus/minus stats from last night:

Matthew Bryan-Amaning: +7

Venoy Overton: +3

Clarence Trent: +3

Elston Turner: +2

Scott Suggs: +1

Quincy Pondexter: -2

Justin Holiday: -2

Tyreese Breshers: -7

Abdul Gaddy: -9

Isaiah Thomas: -10

Darnell Gant: -17

And, more from Rich on the lineup combinations that were most effective:

"In the Montana game, one rotation (Overton, Thomas, Pondexter, Turner, MBA) was much more successful than all the others, posting a plus/minus of +16.  Guess who the starters were for Texas Tech?Not only did they start, but the coaches played that combination seven different times in the game.  Six of those seven turns resulted in a positive +/- for a cumulative +11.  There were 19 combinations used.  Besides the starters, only three others resulted in a positive +/-.  The group of Overton, Pondexter, Turner, Holiday, and Trent resulted in a +5.  Gaddy, Thomas, Pondexter, Turner, MBA was +2. Overton, Turner, Suggs, MBA, Gant was +1."

Thanks to Rich for providing these!

And, thanks for coming…