More Trouble Bruin: UCLA's Top Big Man Leaves

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images
Stephen Dunn / Getty Images /

Drew Gordon, UCLA’s third leading scorer, and top post presence, left the team today. The 6’8″ forward will transfer to another school where he’ll play next year unless he opts (to try) to be drafted by an NBA team.

A source told ESPN that it was a mutual parting due to behavior by Gordon that was detrimental to the team. Gordon has been known as an emotional player, and Coach Ben Howland said that this had been in the air for weeks and was not a spur of the moment decision.

What this means for the Dawgs:

First, this is another kick to a UCLA team that is clearly down right now. I’ve been in the “they’ll get better” camp, even though the record stands now at 2-4 with a couple of really bad losses. They might still get better. Basketball is a sport where “addition by subtraction” really does exist because it’s such a chemistry-based sport. If Gordon were truly a negative force in the locker room, replacing his production may prove easier than it looks. That said, I don’t think UCLA can be looked upon, at this point, as any threat to contend for a conference title.

Gordon will be able to help whichever school he chooses. He talents are undeniable, and the coach who can reign him in will reap the benefits. Interestingly enough, the final four schools he chose from as the #9-ranked power forward prospect in 2008: Arizona, Cal, UCLA, and. . . UW. I have nothing else to go on regarding whether there’s any chance he’d come to Seattle, nor any sense of whether the coaching staff would want him next January. But, it’s certainly interesting.

Repeat: Nothing to go on saying Gordon is coming to UW. And, truth be told, both Arizona and Cal have more need for a big man in 2010 than UW does at this point with the recent news that Enes Kanter is coming to town. But, still… In the world of Romar Math, anything can happen, right?

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