I'm Thankful for You!!

UW turkey copy
I’m back east celebrating Thanksgiving. But, I still wanted to say a quick Happy Thanksgiving to you: /

As those of you who have been reading since early on know, Montlake Madness has grown from nothing (our first couple of posts were read by nearly nobody) to become what I hope is a lively, fun and engaging community for Husky basketball fans.

All of that growth has come from you, the people who drop by every day, or a few times a week, or maybe just before or after games to get the very basics on the Huskies.

It’s a very satisfying thing waking up each morning, taking a look at comments and emails from readers, and thinking about what to write about.

For you, the Husky faithful that have deemed my little site worthy of your time, I truly am most thankful.

Wishing you all the best on my favorite holiday of the year,