Great Primer for Husky Statheads

Basketball box score circa 1921 / courtest: Duryea, PA
Basketball box score circa 1921 / Courtesy: Duryea, PA /

I really enjoy pouring over the multitude of stats available for college basketball at two sites in particular: and

The non-traditional stats that are prevalent on these two sites (particularly can be daunting, but give a much better picture of a team’s play than just looking at the typical points, rebounds, FG%, etc.

I’ll admit to having to look for explanations of the different stats to refresh my memory whenever I’ve been away for a few days. But now, I’m just going to bookmark this great primer from UW Dawg Pound’s post “Your Guide to Tempo-Free Statistics.”

If you’re a stathead at all, check this out, and then pour over the stats at StatSheet and Kenpom.

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