Terrence Jones Update: Likely To Sign in Spring

terrence jones on court copy
Zagsblog is reporting that Terrence Jones is likely to wait until the spring to sign his letter of intent /


The early signing period ends tomorrow, and Jones’ mom told Zagsblog that unless he has a breakthrough, he’ll wait until spring.

This doesn’t mean he won’t announce a decision at some point between now and the spring signing period (which begins April 14, 2010, and continues through May 19), but he’ll have to wait until spring to sign his letter of intent.

I get more emails and comments asking my thoughts on Jones than any other topic (except maybe Scott Suggs, this week!). If I had to guess how this will shake out, I think it’s going to be Oregon. Two reasons:

1. The Ducks are probably going to be good: Not Pac-10 championship good, but good enough to prove that the program is on the upswing. With a bunch of talented young players, Jones might see a chance to bring Oregon to the Final Four.

2. Jones strikes me as the type of kid who might want to be near home: I just get a feeling. He seems really close with his mom (she generally speaks to the media on his behalf). There’s something about the process that’s made me think he’s leaning toward staying close. If this is the case, it puts UW in the second-best position. If Oregon, for some reason, isn’t good, or Ernie Kent gets fired, maybe UW is the compromise where Terrence goes to a program in good shape, while still staying close.

That’s the latest. More as I hear it.

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