2011 Husky Recruit Jabari Brown Says Huskies Are High On His Unofficial List

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Had a chance recently to catch up with Jabari Brown, a Bay Area shooting guard from the class of 2011 ranked #58 nationally by ESPN. Brown will be playing for Findlay Prep in Nevada this season honing his already top-flight skills on the court. /

We covered Jabari in our State of the 2011 Recruiting Class post a few months back, and at the time thought there was only a slim chance he’d wind up at the Dub. But after speaking with him, our chances sound a whole lot better.

Montlake Madness: Are the Huskies still on your radar?

Jabari Brown: Yeah, they are.

MM: How many other schools in the running?

JB: I’m wide open right now, so i don’t have an exact number. Washington is high on that unofficial list though.

MM: Planning to visit the school anytime soon?

JB: I want to, but I’m not sure. I talked to Desmond (Simmons) about it a couple days ago.

MM: Has UW offered a scholarship to you?

JB: No, not yet.

MM: But, they’re in touch?

JB: Yeah.

MM: You and Desmond are friends, right?

JB: Yeah, we’re real close.

MM: What’s the most important thing to you when choosing a school?

JB: Coaching, playing style, and playing time freshman year.

MM: Has UW given you an indication that the playing time would be there?

JB: We haven’t had any conversations about that.

MM: Which coach is in touch with you from UW?

JB: Paul Fortier.

Thanks for coming!