Terrence Jones Update and Some Quick Notes…

terrence jones on court copy
A few quick notes tonight. The first of my interviews from Media Day will be up in the morning, and I hope to see 10,000 of you tomorrow night at Hec Ed for Montlake Madness. Here’s our 5 reasons why you need to be there, and here’s the school’s official blog post on the event. /

I chatted with Terrence Jones last night and confirmed that he did visit Oklahoma last weekend, and he said that the visit was “good.” He also confirmed that he’ll be in attendance tomorrow night for Midnight Madness at UW.

Isaiah Thomas talked a little more about jumping to the NBA at Media Day yesterday and also about possibly going out for Sark’s football team.

Here’s what Isaiah told us about the NBA about a month ago. I really don’t know what to think about this. It’s obviously going to come up with a player of Isaiah’s talent, but I still net out on him needing at least a season as a full-time, straight-up point guard to give himself the best shot of success in the League. Here’s my post on the “Anderson Hunt corallary” as it pertains to I.T.