What Would YOU Ask the Players and Coaches?

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Instead of reading something in this space this morning, I’m actually going to ask you to write something instead, if you’d like. As you know, Montlake Madness tries to bring you the fan perspective on UW Husky basketball. And, we do our best to represent every single one of you, trying to channel what you’d like to read in this space each day. /

From time to time, after I run an interview, readers will suggest questions I could’ve asked a player in our comments section, or by emailing me. These comments always help inform the next post, or the next interview, but now I want to do one better than that.

The Athletic Department was kind enough to invite Montlake Madness to attend the basketball team’s media day which is coming up very soon. So, in advance of that, I wanted to switch things up a little bit, and ask you, the reader, to suggest some questions to ask specific players or coaches. What’s the one thing (or two or three things) you would ask if you had the chance? You can leave them as comments, or email me at MontlakeMadness@gmail.com.

No promises, of course. But, I’ll do my best to be your advocate while I’m there, so please arm me with whatever you’d like to hear about.

Thanks for coming, and thanks in advance for your ideas!