Sunday Video Blitz: We Check Out "The Dawg Dish," J-Brock's First Highlights, and More…

It’s Sunday, and I’m still coming down from the ceiling. By now, most all of us have seen the FSN footage of the biggest play in Husky football to come in a very long time, but here’s some raw footage from The Daily that shows the “Immaculate Interception” from a different angle and the ensuing celebration from an on-field perspective. /

I checked out a new program from the UW Athlethic Department called, The Dawg Dish, hosted by former UW QB, Johnny Durocher. In the show’s first segment (the one devoted to hoops), Johnny goes one-on-one against Matthew Bryan-Amaning. I could’ve stood to hear a little more interviewing during the game, but, other than some questionable use of the black-and-white effect in the video editing, the segment is fun, as is the whole show (which goes on to cover softball and women’s soccer). Worth checking out.

You can see (what I believe to be) Jon Brockman’s first points in a pro uniform at :45 seconds of this clip.

And, at about 1:45 of this video, Jon grabs a rebound and throws an outlet which results in a dunkalicious finish by fellow rookie Omri Casspi. You can see another board by Jon at about 2:07 of the same clip.

Here’s a Nate Robinson video interview from Dime Magazine. Talks a bunch about the local basketball scene, and some of the Seattle-area basketball names who haven’t made it to the NBA, but still earn Nate’s respect. And, of course, Nate devotes a good chunk of the interview to talking about the merits of Twitter.

And, in case you didn’t realize how close we’re getting to Husky basketball, take a look at the left of the screen — barely more than a month away. Check this out!

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