Morning Links: Justin Holiday's Hernia!

Justin surgery copy
Scroll down for our interview with Byron Wesley, a class of 2011 guy and list as a UW target, but he tells us differently. /

Jon Brockman had his first (preseason) game as a King last night: 4 pts, 6 reb, 4 fouls in about 18 minutes. Here’s the box score.

Percy Allen has a great interview with Justin Holiday today in which Justin reveals that he had hernia surgery two weeks ago, leaving him doubtful for the open practice on October 16th. Themod has some personal experience with this particularly injury, which came at the time I was about Justin’s age. It took several months before I stopped feeling tentative running or even thought about jumping. Granted, I wasn’t a Pac-10 baller, but here’s hoping Justin’s body recovers faster than mine, because, of course, we’ve got nothing but love for Justin.